The Platform

An independent online media organisation led by Sean Plunket, an award-winning broadcaster is a Laravel-based website and mobile apps with video and live streaming capabilities.


The Platform is an online new media organisation based in New Zealand. Led by Sean Plunket, an award-winning broadcast and talkback radio host, with a reputation for a commitment to free speech and critical thinking, The Platform has emerged as a formidable contender against established media outlets, advocating for free speech, pushing back against censorship, and promoting robust journalism.

Sean was looking for a comprehensive digital publishing system that could handle the complexity involved in integrating and managing a range of different types of content, in different formats. Stability, robustness, flexibility and ease-of-use was critical, as was live radio functionality and mobile accessibility on iPhone and Android. As a start-up business budget considerations were important as well as continuous performance measurement for improvement.

Our Process

The Platform's technological infrastructure we developed includes:

  • a Statamic website with flexible and user-friendly content management functionality,

  • React Native mobile apps,

  • JW Player for video hosting and 12-hour live streaming, delivering smooth playback of replays, interview segments and other video content,

  • Platform Plus, a subscription service that provides exclusive access to the organisation's entire content library. Subscribers can enjoy full replays of daily shows, curated by the hosts, as well as unlimited access to all past content. Platform Plus integrates with Stripe to process payments, allowing The Platform to sustain its operations and expand its offerings.

  • integration with Facebook and Twitter

Results and Benefits

The Platform's emergence as a prominent online new media organisation in New Zealand showcases the power of alternative media outlets in challenging traditional establishments.

By leveraging a robust technological infrastructure, supported by technical expertise, and offering engaging content, The Platform continues to push back against censorship, strengthen journalism, and provide a platform for diverse voices in the Kiwi media landscape.