Hosting & Technical

Managed Hosting Services

Since 1995, when we operated one of the first ISPs in New Zealand, we have been growing our skills and experience on the internet. In those years we focused on corporates and businesses, predominantly integrating email to early versions of Microsoft Exchange Server and Lotus Notes, via dial-up connections and digital circuits. Being an early adopter of the exciting, but technically challenging internet landscape, has taught us many of the network skills that separate Netbyte // Digital Agency from many other agencies, and importantly, taught us the value of providing fully managed services to businesses.

Managed Services

Cheap hosting with fairly good basic support is a dime a dozen. The important questions to ask though are:

  • Is there an actual person you can contact directly to help you when things go wrong, or do you need to contact a service centre?

  • Who is taking care of the daily back-ups, server and domain maintenance?

  • Who is monitoring the site 24/7 to pick up issues immediately?

  • Can the support centre deal with a range of complex issues and service disruptions - from hardware failures, network intrusion and bad actors to links being disrupted by diggers and rats (yes, this can actually happen)?

A managed service offers you peace of mind that your investment is well monitored and looked after 24/7 by an experienced specialist. We have the systems in place to know of issues before you do, and can respond and resolve them immediately.

Business benefits

As a business, your priority is running your business. We are in the business of making sure your online presence runs fast, smooth and uninterrupted. Like most forms of computer services, internet hosting is a specialist field. In addition to delivery front-end hosting services, we can also provide advice on a range of other services such as email, DNS and security.

Google Cloud Platform

As Cloud computing has matured, we made the decision to migrate our dedicated hosting to Google’s Cloud Platform. Using installation in Sydney, Australia, The Netherlands and Finland, we have built our managed service on top of their exceptional network and infrastructure. Google has ome of the best dedicated bandwidth of all the Cloud providers ensuring speed of service and stability to users.