Design & Development

Website Design & Development

We’ve been building websites since 1995 - a time when websites were something of a novelty. So, getting a website from us means you are working with someone that really knows websites, and has the technical expertise to deliver high quality execution, on time and in budget.

Drawing on this extensive experience of websites, and their requirements in the ever-changing digital landscape, we have chosen to develop websites on the Statamic framework from Laravel. Unlike traditional database-driven CMS platforms, Statamic’s flat-file architecture means it has no database to maintain, which translates to faster page loads, reduced vulnerability to SQL injection attacks, simplified back-ups and migrations. Its modular nature also allows seamless integration of custom functionality that enables the creation of unique and innovative digital experiences.

Performance is a significant consideration for any website, and Statamic’s efficient caching mechanisms contribute to exceptional website performance. Its built-in SEO tools such as customisable meta tags and clean URLs allows for effortless optimisation of your content for search engines, which drives organic traffic to your site.

A big plus for our clients is the user-friendly content management functionality via its intuitive dashboard and WYSIWYG editor. This allows them to easily update and organise their content, ensuring a smooth content creation process, without the need for technical expertise. They can also track changes to their content and even revert back to previous versions if needed, reducing content errors and enabling content collaboration with their marketing team.

Our process:


With our first meeting we will discuss your specific requirements and budget. It is also important that we understand your business - what you do, who your customers are and what you want to achieve. The aim is for your website to ‘talk’ to your customers and prospects so they are engaged and encouraged to do business with you.


The next step is the proposal. This outlines the scope of work, the relevant costs and timeline to complete the project. This can include additional elements like graphic design, copywriting, on-page SEO, sourcing of stock imagery etc.

Building your website

On approval of our proposal you send us your images, logos and any additional content that must be made available on the site (such a Material Safety Sheets, FAQs, product brochures or video clips, and any technical details related to your services or products). We can handle the copywriting if you prefer, or you can send us the copy to incorporate onto the site. Your new website is built on what is called a staging site which only you can see. We work with you to thoroughly review each page and check that everything is in order before the site goes live.


The last step before publishing the site is the testing process. We ensure your site looks great and works smoothly on all main browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Bing, as well as on the different mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones. Only when the testing process has shown the site to be good to go in all aspects, is it published.

Web Design

Whether you want to build a new website or just want to revamp the features of an existing one, we have something for all. We are experts in web design and run an extensive competitor analysis to evaluate and design something that really suits your business.

Website Development

Web development is the process of developing a website for the Internet or an intranet. The term covers many different activities, from designing the content and user interface (UI) to selecting technologies or languages and software tools for web site implementation, as well as web site maintenance.


Customers are gods, not only in the physical world but in the online realm too. So for selling online, it’s critical that an e-commerce website is of the highest standards and offers the utmost convenience. And we do just that and treat your customers with the online shopping experience of their lives. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. We are flexible and cater to your needs accordingly.

Mobile-First Web

Owning a business is a great feeling, but imagine if you can carry it in your pocket. Yes, through our premium and high-tech mobile app development services, you can carry your brainchild wherever you go, giving yourself and your customers the ultimate user experience.


Literally, everything is going mobile these days. Be it your clothes, food, or your devices, everything is on the constant move. So why stay behind in getting a mobile app for your business that can transform the way you work, operate and reach great heights. And at Netbyte, we give you just that.