Specialists in e-commerce

When selling online the customer experience is everything - it makes or breaks your online business. If a customer has a bad experience on your website, the chance of them making a purchase is slim at best. You need a high performing, robust, customisable and feature-heavy website to enable your online business.

There is no getting away from online customers’ high expectations of e-commerce websites, and considering the cost of getting that customer to your shop in the form of paid advertising, a negative experience has three direct costs to take into consideration: 1) a lost sale, 2) lost future sales, 3) acquisition cost.

User-friendly e-commerce web solutions

Your e-commerce website must be easy to navigate and deliver a seamless customer experience. The problem with many e-commerce sites is they are just too complicated to navigate through - customers can’t easily find what they are looking for, or have to jump through hoops just to get to the shopping cart.

Flexible e-commerce web solutions

We build e-commerce websites around your needs - not around the templates we use. This means we can accommodate exactly what you want, add features or integrate with third party services. This also allows scope for future changes, growing needs or updates without having to redo parts of the website, or find workarounds.

Magento e-commerce sites

Our Magento e-commerce websites are built on a powerful structure designed to handle high traffic, and support a vast product catalogue without compromising performance. Built-in features include advanced product management, order processing, customer segmentation, marketing tools and search engine optimisation. What’s more, businesses operating in multiple countries or that target diverse customer bases can easily manage multiple stores from a single admin panel, and provide localised experiences in various languages and currencies.

Responsive website design

It is not enough to have a website that looks good and works well on a desktop computer. Today, more people access the internet and make purchases from their mobile phones. We keep this in mind for all our e-commerce websites so they are responsive to the device they are accessed and used on.

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