SEO and Paid Advertising

SEO & Paid Advertising

When and how much should you pay for website traffic…

There are two ways to push traffic to your website:

  1. SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) which is an unpaid channel

  2. PPC (or Pay per Click) which is paid advertising

Both offer benefits to varying degrees depending your type of business, industry, target audience, content, marketing goals and budget. Whatever your business, in our ever-increasing digital world, potential customers find you via search engines, so this is an area of your marketing that you can’t neglect. We know how to deliver effective campaigns using up to date and best practices, supported by tracking, iteration and detailed reporting.

Netbyte can improve your SEO by:

Reviewing your current activities

We start with getting a lay of the land by reviewing your current activities against your goals. This includes SEO research, competitor analysis, website performance and history.

Developing an annual plan

Once the parameters are set, we draw up an initial plan for the first 12 months. We collaborate with you to refine and finalise the plan before implantation kicks off. It is important to keep in mind that most strategies require a degree of regular maintenance after set-up.

Monitoring and iterating

Paid strategies need to be monitored for various reasons. Traffic must be identified and conversions and goals need to be stated and measured against costs. Also, staying up to date with search engine protocols and changes in algorithms are crucial. This ensures that quality information informs decisions for quality outcomes.

Web design

SEO is not just related to content. Web developer are constantly working on understanding the latest changes to the algorithms, which dictate search engine behaviour. Optimising your website accordingly involves structural analysis, keyword linking, image optimisation, meta tags and descriptions and similar activities to ensure search engines index your site fully.


Another important SEO tactic we use is promoting the site to increase the number of backlinks or inbound links.

Platform optimisation

Having a mobile-friendly or responsive website is an extremely important consideration for successful SEO, as is the use of standard security encryption of your site to protect users with SSL.

Targeting your message

We focus on targeted paid advertising, used conservatively based on a number of predetermined factors related to your business. We do not believe in a scattergun approach that aims to reach masses of people as we’ve found it to be ineffective.