About us

Digital pioneers since 1995

When Netbyte was established in 1995, the Internet was in its infancy. The first website we launched was one of only 20,000 sites on the Internet! There was no Google, no Facebook or Instagram. SMS messaging had just been released on mobile phones, and Team New Zealand had just won the America’s Cup for the first time.

28 years on we all walk around with immense computing power, coupled with incredible screens in our pockets, and are permanently connected to the Internet. The world of the Internet is constantly evolving and we have married our evolution to it for almost three decades.

The sheer depth of technical expertise we have amassed across a variety of disciplines truly sets us apart - when you’ve been in a fast-paced, ever-evolving industry as long as we have, you become extremely good at adapting, staying at the forefront of technological development and applying your experience in multiple directions.

Connecting you to your customers

We realised early on that it takes more than just technical expertise to create real value. Our role is to help you connect with your customers in the most efficient and value-driven way, while at the same time supporting your business objectives. We pride ourselves in our commitment to get to know our clients and understand their business - we ask a lot of questions, but most importantly, we listen.

The highlights

There have been many highlights over the years. Our long-term association with Nissan New Zealand has been an exceptionally rewarding experience, as has the noteworthy commission to build two large websites, for the 2000 Sydney Olympics - a proud moment indeed.

We look forward to creating more highlights, and delivering more memorable and impactful projects that stays in the minds of clients and customers for years to come. We invite you to future-proof your business by partnering with the Original Digital Agency.