Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns

What is a marketing campaign?

A simple definition is: a plan outlining when, how and what to tell your customers and/or prospects about your business.There are a variety of ways to do this, such as email, website content, online platforms, social media, phone calls, events, trade shows, radio, print and television.

Marketing campaigns’ primary goal is to reach, and engage, your target market to 1) generate leads (or potential new customers) either immediately, or in the future, and 2) reinforce your position to existing customers, or make them aware of new products or services.

Good quality campaigns include a series of communications, have a goal, a theme and are targeted to a specific audience. It is a crowded world and messages delivered once through a single medium is unlikely to make an impact.

What does a campaign involve?

Marketing campaigns should not be confused with advertisements. A campaign is a sequence of relevant and interesting messages, via multiple mediums, over an agreed time, targeted to a specific audience with predetermined goals. It is important to keep in mind that a campaign does not need to be expensive - you do not want everybody to know everything about you.

Which marketing campaigns work best?

In a crowded space with incoming media from all directions you want your message to cut through the noise, by being either big and bold or simplistic but clever. When a relevant message grabs the attention of your targeted audience you’re likely to have a successful campaign.

Netbyte’s approach to marketing campaigns:

  • Understanding your goals

  • Understanding your target audience

  • Generating creative campaign ideas and strategies that best suit the business’ goals and target audience

  • Creating a budget and estimated return on investment

  • Creating focused content on key messages or offers and call to actions

  • Ensuring a schedule is in place for consistent touch points with prospects and/or customers

  • Evaluating the campaign against the goals

  • Iteration where necessary

  • Reporting on performance at the end of the campaign