Stewart & Cavalier

Stewart and Cavalier are mechanical and structural fabrication engineers.


Stewart & Cavalier are mechanical and structural fabrication engineers. Over 40 specialist tradespeople operate 24/7 at their 2000+ sqm manufacturing workshop, with site installation work and plant relocation carried out all over New Zealand.

We have been working with Brent Mexted since 2015 on a marketing programme, for the service of maintaining and replacing high pressure spray valves for milk dryers. These dryers turn millions of litres of fresh NZ milk into the milk powder that earns NZ farmers millions of dollars in exports every year. The market for this service is small and known, thus there was no need for social media campaigns or paid advertising - the strategy was about reinforcing the service offering to grow market share.

Once the Spray Dryer Valve campaign was set-up we turned our attention to the company website, which had become outdated and clunky, was not mobile responsive, lacked key service information and did not rank well on search engines. We needed a fresh and well-optimised website to direct the email campaign traffic to.

We created a custom-designed WordPress CMS:

  • modern, functional and visually attractive,

  • easy to navigate

  • featured their extensive range of services,

  • showcased their interesting projects, news and case studies,

  • ranked well on search engines and,

  • allowed Brent and his team to manage the site with a content management system (allowing them to add content and make changes within an easy-to-use  template).

However, having a great new website is only part of the story. Visibility is the the other part - how do you drive visitors to your website?

An important consideration was Stewart & Cavalier’s diverse range of clients from various industries. Each market sector needed targeted campaigns with services and/or products relevant to them.

With this in mind, we created integrated campaigns structured around the business’ marketing goals. We gave careful consideration to the various target markets, timing, how best to reach the decision makers, as well as the pitch and supporting mechanisms.

We opted for email communication that linked to related website pages, blogs, social media pages and hard copy marketing material. Each campaign also needed a practical, well thought-through and cost-effective design.

The metrics to measure success included in-depth analytics as part of the debrief process. We were always looking for the best performing promotions, asking what the next step is, and adjusting the future marketing to maximise communication with Stewart & Cavalier’s diverse client base.

“I wanted a website that we could control. We have a number of niche markets that are cyclical, for example the diary industry is one of our major segments. Each market is constantly evolving with new technology and opportunities and I work closely with Netbyte to plan our year. The website is a critical part of our marketing strategy and is only going to get stronger in the future. We have had great feedback on our email campaigns, we’re particularly pleased by the results of our Mena Water Wastewater campaign targeted at regional councils, property developers and engineers and by our recent campaign for the diary industry on our new range of dairy valves.” - Brent Mexted | Stewart & Cavalier

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