Cooke Industries

Website Conversion: Joomla to Statamic - A Modern Framework for Enhanced User Experience and Easy Administration


Cooke Industries, a leading industrial equipment manufacturer, had been running their website on a Joomla-based content management system (CMS) for the past 10 years. The website faced several challenges with its outdated Joomla build:

  • slow page loading times

  • a complex and overwhelming backend interface

  • limited flexibility for customisation

  • difficulties in optimising the website for search engines

The company recognised the need for a modern CMS solution to address these issues and improve their overall online presence.

After careful evaluation, they chose to migrate their website to Statamic, a CMS built on the Laravel framework. This decision was based on several factors, including Laravel’s:

  • robust and scalable architecture,

  • extensive community support

  • flexibility

  • ease of use of Statamic as a CMS

The Laravel framework provided a solid foundation for building a highly optimised and responsive website, while Statamic offered an intuitive and user-friendly interface for content management.

Our Process

The website conversion process involved the following key steps:

Planning and Analysis: the development team thoroughly analysed the existing Joomla website’s structure, content and functionality. They collaborated closely with Cooke Industries to understand their specific requirements and expectations for the new website.

Design and Front-End Development: the team designed a modern and visually appealing user interface, leveraging HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript frameworks to create a immersive and optimised user experience, across different devices and screen sizes.

Back-End Development: the developers built custom modules, templates and plugins to enhance the website’s functionality and optimising performance.

Content Migration and Optimisation: the team migrated the existing content from Joomla to Statamic, ensuring data integrity and consistency. They also optimised the content for search engines, improving the website’s visibility and organic reach.

Quality Assurance and Testing: rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the website’s compatibility across different browsers, platforms and devices. Performance testing was also done to identify and address any potential bottlenecks or optimisation opportunities.

Results and Benefits

The conversion of Cooke Industries’ website from Joomla to Statamic brought numerous benefits, for both the end-user and the client:

Enhanced User Experience: the modern design, coupled with the utilisation of responsive web frameworks resulted in an improved user experience.The website now loads faster, has a clean and intuitive interface, and provides seamless navigation, ensuring visitors can easily find the information they need.

Optimised Performance: the use of modern frameworks like Statamic, and techniques such as caching and code optimisation, resulted in reduced page load times and improved overall website speed and performance.

Easy Administration: Statamic’s user-friendly interface empowered the client to effortlessly manage and update their website. The streamlined backend allowed for easy content creation, editing and publishing, reducing the client’s reliance on technical expertise and enabling faster content updates.

Flexibility and Customisation: with Statamic’s modular architecture Cooke Industries gained the flexibility to customise and scale their website according to their evolving needs. The development team built bespoke modules and plugins, allowing the client to tailor the website’s functionality to their specific requirements.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): the migration to Statamic provided improved SEO capabilities enabling Coock Industries to optimise their content and improve search engine rankings. The website’s structure and metadata were optimised, resulting in increased organic traffic and better visibility in search engine results.

In conclusion, the conversion of Cooke Industries’ website from Joomla to Statamic proved to be a transformative process, resulting in a highly optimised user experience and an effortless administration experience for the client. The development team successfully addressed the limitations of the old Joomla build, delivering a responsive, fast and easily manageable website. Cooke Industries can now showcase their products and services effectively while staying at the forefront of the online industry.