Centrix is the only New Zealand owned and operated consumer credit bureau


Centrix is the only New Zealand owned and operated consumer credit bureau, proudly recognised last the “easiest do to business with”. Founded in 2009, Centric provides credit reporting services and ID verification for businesses throughout New Zealand.

We were commissioned to update their old website with an attractive design, a fully responsive content management system (CMS), simple navigation, a lot of information and the ability to automate the administration and paperwork side of the business.

Centrix wanted to systemise transactional features to simplify their business, without having to get involved in the sales process due to the sheer volume of entities involved. The website also had to be appealing for their wide range of clients: from banks, landlords, employers, insurers, debt collectors and lawyers, to accountants, real estate professionals and property managers.

Another important consideration was the deadline to roll-out online sign-up forms and subscriber accounts. National compliance rules were tightening and there was a greater need for credit reporting and ID verification in their dynamic market.

We worked closely with the Centrix team to:

  • develop the brief and fully understand the business objectives in their highly competitive and sophisticated B2B market,

  • research ideas,

  • create a project workflow,

  • overcome logistical issues and,

  • create design concepts.

Our approach combined the power of automation with secure collaboration tools to help them reach higher levels of productivity and more streamlined administration. The result was an aesthetically pleasing and functional website where the content, navigation and client experience fulfilled Centrix’s business objectives.

As the project progressed, the original brief was expanded to include a wider range of services and solutions.

Our Process
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